Fund And Grow Your Real Estate Portfolio Without Savings

Is it possible to get enough money for the down payment and secure your property? You could invest in Real Estate without savings. The following article will explain how you could get up to $250,000 in funding for your real estate investment with Fund and Grow

Today we’re going to talk about funding. Let’s walk you all through the possibilities of getting access to $250,000 in funding and how easy that is. The key for this to happen is Fund and Grow. This is a company that helps out investors to have access to business credit cards

This type of credit cards have become a very useful tool for investors that are starting their Real Estate Portfolio. First, we need to clear all the doubts surrounding this topic.

Funding Options to Invest in Real Estate without savings 

It’s important to know that there are two kinds of credits: The personal credit and the business credit. What Fund and Grow does is that they help out get your first business credit. This is not about getting a 100.000$ credit card. It’s about various credit cards that the company approves each of them by periods.

Every three or four months, depending on the type of investor, Fund and Grow could approve from 3 to 5 credit cards and after a couple of months, the investors can apply again. With Fund and Grow you could get up to 250.000$ credit cards and credit lines for people looking to invest in their business, to invest in Real Estate.

Personal Mortgage Vs Business Mortgage

These two types of credits are located in different categories. If you apply for a mortgage to buy a house, a personal mortgage, you’re going to a completely different mortgage process than the one you apply for your commercial activities which is called business mortgages.

Business mortgages are approved for those families that are integrated by more than 5 members. It all depends on your incomes, your credit historyhow you manage your mortgage payments and your credit cards payments.

When you get a business credit card, that’s not linked to your personal credit history.

These debts are not mixed. Fund and Grow help and teach investors to get business credit cards without searching into your personal credit history. 


If, at the moment of applying to one of these credit cards, Fund and Grow asks you why you have an increase on your fair score, all you have to give is just an honest and real explanation. 

Fund and Grow: How does it work?

Fund and Grow in USA
When applying to Fund and Grow you must meet some requirements.

The first thing you need to do is to fill the online application. Then, the next step is the interview. A Fund and Grow agent will call you to analyze your case, ask questions and to know more about your credit history. This is important information for them because if you want to apply for these credit cards, they need to know who they are going to work with, who’s going to be a new client. If everything seems right, they are going to tell you that they are ready to work with you and your investment plans.

After this process, it’s time to decide if you are going to apply on your own or with a business partner. They have experience working with real estate investors so they know most of the time, beginners start their business with a partner. If you don’t have available funds to pay for their services, the company will charge on your  credit card a commission of 3% of what they just approved for you.

Membership or commission?

First, if you do it through the commission process, you will need a FICO SCORE at least of 720. If you have less than thatyou don’t qualify. The other option is paying the membership. But, if you can’t pay for the membership, you apply for the commission model, which makes you pay 3% of commission for every credit card.

You have to follow some requisites to apply to Fund and Grow. However, the company understands that not everybody and not every investor has enough money to apply for these kinds of services. The easiest option for you in this case is the 3% commission because Fund and Grow will get back what they work for, what their business is about.

On the other hand, if you have the cash available to apply and work with this company, you just have to pay 700$ for the one year membership and that’s it, you’re ready to begin.

One of the advantages that this company offers is the development of a legal entity. It is included in its membership. You need a legal entity to be able to use this type of business credit card. You don’t need a lawyer. The company itself helps you with all the legal procedures you need to follow.

How can I get cash from that credit card?

Fund and Grow
Invest in real estate responsibly and you will see good results.

Fund and Grow has a very exclusive credit card with 0% commission. They typically work with interest credit cards, because the main idea of this business is to give an investor the funds to invest in properties and then, giving enough time for the investors to be able to pay off the debt. This is different from a mortgage or a business mortgage, which usually have interests going from 6% to 24%.


That’s just another benefit of working with a company like Fund and Grow that focuses its work in finding those funds for investors.

This company is growing very fast. they have a lot of demand among young investors and, in fact, they haven’t had the time to release a spanish version of the company website. The good news is that they have a spanish team in charge of the new applicants requests and they even negotiate the limits of your credit cards with the company.

Regarding the interview process for Spanish speaking people, they still don’t have a team for that. So, if this is your case, you could ask for help from an english speaking person.

How to navigate on the Fund and Grow website?

To be able to enter on their website, they will ask for:

– Name 

– Last Name

– E-mail

– Credit Score

After that, you’re going to click the “get funded now” button. And this is the part where you have to wait for that call for the interview and so on. Remember to take into consideration everything we have explained. Think big and invest in Real Estate with dedicationdiscipline and put effort to see the good results


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