How To Invest Without Savings & Have Enough To Keep Expanding (Real Estate Course)

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Real Estate Nova 2.0

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  • 7 week implementation program to shortcut your success as an investor for years
  • Access to the power team created by Lucelia to maximize your growth and expansion
  • Practical "step-by-step" guides to identify profitable properties and close them
  • Templates to calculate long-term profitability of your properties and be able to create exit strategies
  • A ready-to-use website that will help you start your online business 
14 day money back guarantee!

Who is this online program for?

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced in real estate knowledge


Beginner and intermediate

The goal to achieve in real estate

The goal

Exponential growth of your real estate investments

Online real estate course

Program format

Online, with access to support 24/7/365

What is it?

Real Estate Nova is a 7-week online course with weekly actionable items. It shows you how to start investing in real estate with no money and, at the same time, scale it. 

Who is it for?

Real Estate Nova is for anybody who wants to invest in real estate and grow their portfolio to 7-figures. It works for anybody, regardless of previous knowledge or experience.

Where does it happen & when it starts?

The program is online, starts the moment you buy it, and consists of training videos, & tools. You complete the program online, at your own time and at your own pace.

How does it work?

You watch the videos, complete the action items, use the provided tools and templates. Simply follow the process, & you will get results.

What investment methods do we work with?

We focus on these real estate investment strategies:

  • Buy & hold
  • Residential & commercial


Why does it exist?

We created Real Estate Nova because there was nothing that showed a complete beginner how to start investing in real estate from scratch. The program not only teaches about real estate strategies, but also mindset and scalability. This was a huge gap in the market and now we have filled it, and with extreme detail.

Here is how it works

To scale a real estate business and change your life, content is not enough, you need an immersive environment. Real Estate Nova provides a proven process, mental reprogramming & tools to calculate the profitability of properties.

1. Proven process

Lucelia remodeling an apartment

We managed to create an effective system after 15 years of learning and experience gained in real life.

This system was transformed into a 7 week program, which was meticulously designed in great detail, and has more than 10 iterations (improvements). We constantly update the information in our program to keep up with the changes and latest trends in the real estate market.

And that’s why I say that growing a real estate business is a science. There will always be changes in the market, and our job is to educate you to make more informed decisions with your investments.

This proven process has already been tested with many students and in the video below, Gladys (one of our students) corroborates it.

2. Millionaire real estate investing mindset

How To Control Your Mind

Learn about a new way of thinking. See the world from a new perspective. Discover who you are, your purpose, interests, prejudices, habits, and patterns of behavior. Reprogram your brain for high performance.

Believe it or not, knowing how to organize your thoughts and visualize your future has a great impact in your evolution.

Unfortunately, many of us do not know how to control our minds. Instead, we tend to let it control us, and that greatly harms our personal and financial growth.

Real Estate Nova program content/curriculum

In just 7 weeks, we’ll help you scale your real estate portfolio

Total hours of content = 70+ hours

Week 1 - Evolution and instant increase of your net worth

  • 1. Do You Work To Live Or Live To Work?
  • 2. Invest And Expand Without Savings
  • 3. Where Does Your Money Go?
  • 4. Strategically Increase Your Money
  • 5. Your Value Goes Beyond A Number
  • 6. Evolve Into A New And Better World
  • 7. You Are Responsible For Your Evolution
  • 8. How to Achieve More? (Take Action)

Week 2 - Real estate investment strategies

  • 1. Investment Rules And Real Estate Versatility
  • 2A. Investments With Low Capital & Experience
  • 2B. Investments With High Capital & Experience
  • 3. Decide Where To Invest (Segment Your Market)
  • 4. Real Estate Market Cycles

Week 3 - Creative financing strategies with or without the banks

  • 1. Financing Myths And Investment Terms
  • 2A. Mortgages And Lenders For Investments
  • 2B. HELOC And Cash Out Refinance Secrets
  • 2C. Hard Money Lenders, Credit Cards And Gold
  • 2D. Financing With Lease Option
  • 3. Case Studies (Putting Everything Into Practice)
  • 4. Generate More Profits By Reducing These Costs

Week 4 - How to identify profitable properties and protect your assets legally

  • 1. Invest With Numbers And Facts
  • 2. Calculate The Profitability Of A Property
  • 3A. How to Protect Your Assets?
  • 3B. Legal Entities (Protect Your Assets)
  • 4. Strategies In Action (Protect Your Assets)
  • 5. International Investors Without SSN

Week 5 - Strategies to attract real estate deals at profitable prices

  • 1. Paving The Ground To Attract Properties
  • 2. Get Preference From The Realtor (Better Half)
  • 3. Attract Properties Like A Magnet!
  • 4. Conversation Templates For Your Deals
  • 5. How to Get Your Offers Accepted?
  • 6. Get Your Properties Ready To Be Rented

Week 6 - Accelerate the growth of your business (fast)

  • 1. Mistakes: Why Do Investors Fail?
  • 2. How To Manage Your Portfolio Efficiently?
  • 3. How To Protect Yourself From Scammers?
  • 4. Create Your Domain Name And Professional Email
  • 5A. Create Your Website Quickly And Easily
  • 5B. Beautify And Update Your Website
  • 5C. Dominate Your Website With These Tricks)
  • 6. Artificial Intelligence To Save You Time
  • 7. Effective Marketing With Little Money
  • 8. How To Hire And Pay Your Team?

Week 7 - How to stay on top and invest as a millionaire

  • 1. Millionaire Investing: Money Between Companies
  • 2. Receive Money TAX FREE
  • 3. Investments With Infinite Returns

The cost of our program

$1,297 for a 1-year membership. And if you decide to renew after that, each annual renewal will cost you only $497.

The price has gone up recently since we added more content. Don’t chance it! Lock this valuable offer today, as prices will go up again in the future.

100+ Reviews with results

Gladys Peralta

Gauntlett McCarter - Novarise Invest Reviews_Testimonials

Gauntlett McCarter

Lorien - Novarise Invest Reviews


To sum up what you will get in this program

Content of the course to buy your first house

1. 7 Weeks of HD content and updated

Over 70 hours of relevant, straight-to-the-point content, and updated with the latest real estate market trends.

Team development and how to run a business

2. Access to Lucelia's power team

You will gain access to Lucelia’s power team who will guide you along the way.

Time is money, this course will help you invest in real estate fast

3. Shorten your learning curve by years to save thousands of $$$

This program will save you thousands of hours of learning and a lot of money on mistakes that you could make when investing in real estate.

Asset protection

4. Full 14-day money-back guaranteed

We offer a full 14-day money-back guaranteed. Try the program for 14 days and if you are not satisfied with it, request a refund within 14 days and we will fully refund you.

Frequently asked questions 

Why is the program so expensive?

If you think this program is too expensive, then you're probably thinking of this in terms of “training” or “information” and not in terms of what this will actually do for you and your family.

You purchase this program for the results that it will get you, not the videos and information inside of it. You might think that $1,297 is expensive for a 7-week online course or some “information”. But is $1,297 too expensive for your own successful real estate business with cash flowing properties and a monthly income which may last for a lifetime?

A college education costs $35,000 on average, and it takes 3-5 years to complete. And for what? A piece of paper and skills that were outdated 15 years ago? Most MBA programs cost $100,000 or more and many online courses cost upwards of $5,000 - $10,000. And guess what? None of these promise tangible real life results, none of them guarantee your purchase, and none of them actually have a track record of working.

The Real Estate Nova program is laser focussed. We don't teach any “fluff”, there's no politics, we get straight down to business, select real properties, analyze them right away, and if they make sense, you will MOVE ON THEM! And unlike college education, this program comes with a 100% 14 day money-back guarantee and has a track record of producing real life results.

What you are paying for here is a shortcut. Lucelia went at it alone, and it cost her a fortune. She had made many costly mistakes that have cost her thousands of dollars, wasted time and energy, making costly mistakes that burned multiple years of here life that she will never get back.

That's the REAL COST of this information, that's what it cost Lucelia to get to where she's at today. This program gives you the shortcut so that you don't need to go through that for yourself. $1,297 or that? You choose...

How do I know if this will work for me?

GREAT question! The Real Estate Nova program is different from other program. We don't force you into doing a particular thing or investing strategy.

The program is designed to work with your specific skills, background and current situation. People are different, and the real estate investing business is not a “1 size fits all” sort of game. The program begins with leveling your knowledge in mindset and personal finances. You are the most important person in the room. You are what you think. If you think you can’t, then you won’t. The same goes for personal finances. If you can't manage your own finances, what makes you think you can manage a real estate portfolio?

After that, we then look at different market areas, so you know how to identify each market and learn what strategies can be applied. We use a proven process for finding the “sweet spot” where your skills are best used to add value and start your building your real estate portfolio.

The program is like no other out there. This is largely due to the fact that the program is made to build you from the ground up, instead of pushing you to some investment strategies without first understanding the why's and the how's.

If you're wondering if this program will work for you, the answer is a very clear YES, and we have the satisfaction track record to prove it. You are also 100% covered, safe and protected with our 14 day money-back guarantee. Simply try the program out and if it doesn't work for you, just ask us for a full refund, and we'll happily do that, no questions asked.

How much time will this program take?

This program is designed for speed, and it's as lean as it can possibly get. We don't want you to be stuck behind your computer listening to Lucelia's voice all day, we want you to start your own real estate investing business, build your portfolio, and profits.

Everything in this program is designed with the end goal in mind, nothing else. There's no filler, fluff or useless theory, this program cuts right to the heart of the matter, and we get you to start taking action in the first three days of joining.

This program is designed to be completed over 7 weeks. You get access to the training for 1 year, and you can do it as many times as you like. You can work as fast as you like and complete the whole 7 weeks in the scheduled class release, OR you can go as slow as you like and complete the 8 weeks or 1 year. That's totally up to you, and you are free to do whatever you want on your own schedule and in your own time.

Are there any hidden costs?

With most online programs, there are a ton of hidden costs, and they try to sell you fifty different things at the time you shop.

This is NOT the case with Real Estate Nova. The price you pay for our program covers your access to classes for 1 year. If, after a year, you decide to renew your membership, you can do so at the discounted annual price of $497.

We put everything we have into this program, and we didn't leave any gray areas. This program is EVERYTHING you need. We literally show you how to go from knowing nothing about real estate, business, marketing, sales, etc., to the point where you have your own successful real estate business with profits.

There is no catch, no costs, no hidden fees, and you get everything you need the moment you sign up.

“The properties in my area are way too expensive, there is no such thing as a good deal”

I get this comment a lot, and this has a lot to do with mindset. Opportunities are found and made everywhere. What you are looking for is an excuse to get out, and if what you are looking for is for us to try to convince you to invest in the program, then we are telling you that we will not.

If we convince you to join, then this wasn’t free will from your end. That only means you join with one foot out the door and looking for the minimal reason to request a refund.

Please be courteous to your classmates. There are people who give it all they got to invest in this program. I can't afford to have one difficult student demanding all our attention, just because of their poor mindset that prevents them from believing that something this good is truly available for them. We want to help people, and the students who make the unanimous decision to invest in the program. So if you are not sure, then please do not join to disturb the dynamic of this community.

The Real Estate Nova is designed to help our students work with what they’ve got, regardless of their financial situation. We help you change the way you look at things and create opportunities, not to block them. If you are now 110% sure that this is THE program for you, you can get started.

Is this training tax deductible?

Yes, it is. Just make sure you keep a copy of the receipt and provide that to your accountant. This is a great benefit!

When does this program start, and what happens if you miss a class or go on vacation?

The Real Estate Nova program is taught through pre-recorded videos and PDF files, which are all available online 24/7/365. It doesn't matter if you get married, go on a one-month vacation or miss a training class. All the information is available in the content portal, and you can access it at any time. You get 1 year access to this trainings until you decide to renew. So you will never “fall behind” or miss out on anything. We got you covered!

If you can't make one of the Live Coaching Calls or miss one by accident, we got you covered too! Every single call is recorded and then uploaded to our private community so that you never miss anything. Show up live or view the recordings.

You can start this program the moment you sign up. When you click the buy button, you will be in the portal in minutes and have access to the trainings. You can start tonight and be taking action first thing tomorrow. The best time to start is always now.

Do you need a real estate license?

No, you don’t need a real estate license to invest in your real estate portfolio. Having a real estate license will certainly complement your investing career, but again, it is not necessary for you to have one. If you do plan to get the real estate license in the future, you should learn how to invest first before venturing out as a real estate agent/broker.

"I've done these courses before and they don't get completed or I don't get any results with them?"

Yep! We've done many of these courses too! The truth is that most courses don't deliver, and here's why:

Most courses contain information but no clear course of action so that you can actually do something and get results. The Real Estate Nova program is different because it teaches the principle lesson, then it provides examples to cement the idea in your brain. Then it gives you the step-by-step implementation plan so that you can actually implement what you've learned in the real world and get results.

Most courses contain theory and don't come from real life experience. This program comes from our life experience in real estate investing and business. We take everything we've learned from being on the front lines. This course is based on real life and the methods taught work in this current marketplace at this current minute. No theory, just step by step action items to start your real estate investment journey the right way and still have enough to continue expanding.

Most courses are out of date, or they quickly go out of date and no longer work. This program is up-to-date to this current second, and everything you will learn will work in this current marketplace. We update all the content when it becomes irrelevant so that it's always up-to-date and working.

Most courses are created by people in an attempt to make money for themselves, and they don't actually care whether the information in them works or not. This program is not an “attempt to make money”. This program is our life's work and we care about it immensely. This program has been re-created nine times, and we have put more than 10,000 hours into it. We don't want to just create a course, we want it to be the best in the world, and that's what it is.

When you join this program you will notice that this is leaps and bounds beyond anything else you have ever seen and truly a work of passion. This program is not just “good”, it actually gets results too.

"Am I too young or too old for this?"

The Real Estate Nova program works for people of all different ages, however we do not recommend it for anybody under the age of 18. Lucelia got started at age 19, and she wishes she got started sooner!

For that reason, we recommend it to anybody 18 years and above. Age 18 is old enough to understand this and old enough to start taking action in the real world. Lots of successful investors (even ones with multimillion dollar businesses) start by age 18 and in our honest opinion the sooner you get started the better!

Am I too old to do this?

Absolutely not! The perfect time to do anything is NOW, and what option do you have? There's no getting younger, and you only have one shot at life. We have many baby-boomers in the program who are 50-60-70+ who have worked long careers in traditional jobs and still been very successful with the program. The entire training program is very easy to follow and everything is provided step-by-step with clear instructions. There are no age barriers to joining this program and being wildly successful with it.

How does the refund guarantee work?

When you join the Real Estate Nova program you are 100% covered, safe and protected by our 14-day money-back guarantee.

What are the conditions for the guarantee?

Very simple: All we ask is that you actually take action in the program and give it a solid go. You must complete at least Week 1 and Week 2. We also require you to do this within 14 calendar days from the date of purchase. Those are the terms plain and simple, and they are very fair. We uphold our guarantee obligations, and you can rest assured that your purchase is 100% risk-free. Like we said... The only way you can possibly lose is by not trying this out.

Does this program work for people who have no prior experience investing?

This course is for people of all levels:

a) People who have never invested before but know real estate is the right vehicle to take control of their financial future.

b) People who managed to buy 1 or 2 properties, and are now capped because they no longer have savings to continue expanding and definitely don’t want to wait another 5-10 years to save enough.

c) People who lost everything in the past and are now ready to build their real estate portfolio again, but this time, have it done the right way.

Do you get one-on-one access to Lucelia Chou personally?

The Real Estate Nova program is an online course, which means the training has been created by Lucelia, recorded by her, and is all her own work. It's her best work, too. Therefore, when you enroll in this program, you are learning directly from her, and you're learning her absolute best stuff; she holds nothing back.

You get access to the online course.

You do not get any one-on-one access or personal time with her included in this program. Her personal one-on-one consulting fee is $1,500 USD per hour and there is a minimum of three hours paid up front before we speak at all. This means you must pay $4,500 upfront before you and her even get on the phone, and when you do, you only have three hours—not a moment longer.

The Real Estate Nova program is 70+ hours of her best content and, to be honest with you, it is delivered in a clearer way than if she were to deliver it one-on-one. It's literally like hiring her to come to your office or home and consult with you one-on-one for 120+ hours, guiding you through every detail from start to finish. The experience is the same as if you hired her, but at a fraction of the price. It would cost you $180,000 to hire her to teach you this in person, but this program provides the same experience for $1,297. All from the comfort of your own home, on demand and whenever you like.

“If I join your program, will you have a team to take care of everything for me, including finding deals?”

This is NOT a done for you program. The goal of Real Estate Nova is to give you the tools and teach you how to fish. If what you are looking for is a done for you service, this is not the type of program for you. You are better off seeking Turnkey services, and that is something we do not provide.

But if what you are looking for is to build your knowledge in real estate investing from the ground up, then you can get started.

If you don’t live in the US, can you still invest there?

We do have international students who invest in the program because they have plans to invest in the United States. If you are an international investor looking to invest in the US, there is a dedicated section created for you in Week 4.

However, do keep in mind that investing options as a foreign investor are somewhat limited in the type of financing and how much you can do from overseas. There will be times when you will need to be present in the US to assemble your power team and to take care of items that will require physical presence.

Does the program only work to invest in the USA? Will this work in your country?

This program was designed to invest in the United States. Our team of experts only specialize with investments in the US and are unfamiliar with outside legislation or tax codes.

If you still want to invest in this program and see what can be applied in your country, we strongly advise that you work closely with an accountant and an attorney, who both specialize in real estate investments.

Alternatively, we do have international students who invest in the program because they have plans to invest in the United States. If you are an international investor looking to invest in the US, there is a dedicated section created for you in Week 4.