Earnings Disclaimer

1. Introduction

This Earnings Disclaimer sets forth the terms and conditions governing your understanding and acceptance of the following provisions. By engaging with Lucelia Chou or Novarise products and materials through the website at https://www.novariseinvest.com, you acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined in this disclaimer.

2. No Guaranteed Earnings

By acknowledging this disclaimer, you explicitly acknowledge that Lucelia Chou and Novarise have not provided any implications, warranties, promises, suggestions, projections, representations, or guarantees regarding your future earnings or prospects resulting from the purchase of our products. Furthermore, no third party has been authorized to make such claims on our behalf.

3. Estimations and Examples

Please be aware that any earnings or income statements, including the examples shared, are provided as estimations of potential earnings. You understand that achieving similar results as presented in these examples is not guaranteed, and any reliance on these figures is at your own risk. This applies to both monetary earnings and advertising credits, whether they are convertible to cash or not.

4. Individual Factors

It’s important to note that your past achievements or earnings, whether in the form of monetary or advertising credits, cannot predict your future success. The strategies, content, and information provided do not guarantee specific outcomes, and any claims or representations about income should not be considered indicative of “average earnings”. Your future results may vary.

5. Economic and Individual Factors

  • (i) Economic Factors: The economy, both on a local and global scale, introduces additional uncertainty and risk. Economic fluctuations, including recessions or depressions, might adversely impact the results achievable through Lucelia Chou or Novarise products.
  • (ii) Individual Success: The effectiveness of the information and strategies provided at https://www.novariseinvest.com depends on a range of factors unique to each individual. We cannot predict your level of success based on your engagement with the content, as we lack knowledge of your background, work ethic, dedication, motivation, desire, and business skills or practices. Thus, we do not guarantee that you will achieve specific earnings or outcomes.

6. Forward-Looking Statements

Materials within this website or in products purchased or downloaded from this website may contain forward-looking statements. These statements express our opinions about earnings potential but are not guarantees of actual results. Multiple factors can impact outcomes, and there are no assurances that you will achieve results similar to ours or those of others.

7. Due Diligence and Professional Advice

Your due diligence is strongly advised when making business decisions, and we encourage you to seek advice from qualified professionals, including accountants, lawyers, or advisors, before acting on any information provided by Lucelia Chou or Novarise. Content presented on the website or within products is not a substitute for professional advice.

8. Limitation of Liability

We hold no responsibility for losses or damages arising from your use of links, information, or opportunities contained within this website or any information disclosed in any form.

9. Purchase Price

While we believe the purchase price for Novarise products is reasonably aligned with the value provided, you acknowledge and agree that the price is set at our discretion and is not necessarily linked to industry standards.

10. Updates

This Earnings Disclaimer is subject to changes and updates at the discretion of Lucelia Chou and Novarise. Your continued engagement with our products and website constitutes your acceptance of any revised terms.

11. Contact Information

For any inquiries or concerns related to this Earnings Disclaimer, please reach out to us at [email protected].

12. Testimonials and Case Studies

Any testimonials or case studies presented on the website or within our materials are individual experiences and do not guarantee similar results for all users. The outcomes shared are not typical, and your results may vary. We encourage you to view these testimonials as illustrative rather than predictive.

13. External Factors

Your success is influenced by external factors beyond our control, such as market conditions, industry trends, competition, and technological advancements. These factors can impact the results you achieve while using Lucelia Chou or Novarise products.

14. Investment Risk

Engaging in business activities, including those related to internet businesses and online earnings, involves inherent risks. You acknowledge that there are no assurances of profits, and you may experience losses as a result of using our products or services.

15. Forward-Looking Assumptions

It’s important to clarify that any forward-looking statements or assumptions provided in our materials are based on the current understanding and market conditions at the time of creation. Changes in these factors can lead to different outcomes.

16. No Legal or Tax Advice

The information provided within our materials is not intended as legal, financial, or tax advice. Users should consult qualified professionals for advice specific to their individual circumstances.

17. Affiliate Relationships

We do not currently have any affiliate relationships or partnerships that might influence the information presented. We believe in transparency and maintaining the trust of our audience.

18. No Guarantee of Continuous Availability

The availability of Lucelia Chou or Novarise products, services, or website content is subject to change or interruption. We do not guarantee continuous access to our offerings.

19. No Assumption of Responsibility

We are not liable for any decisions or actions taken by users based on the information presented. Users assume full responsibility for their choices and outcomes.

20. Legal Jurisdiction

Any disputes or claims arising from the use of our products or services are subject to the laws of New York. The New York courts have exclusive jurisdiction over such matters.