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Novarise teaches you how to get started in real estate investing the right way, and without any prior experience. Our goal is to educate our audience to achieve success and financial independence.
Financial literacy is very important to our well being, yet, it is the only one thing that the traditional school system doesn’t teach.

We thrive to be different than your typical school. We simplify the real estate concepts so that they are practical, applicable to real life, and fun to learn. In this community, we foster support, growth, and inclusiveness. Everybody deserves to have and leave a legacy, regardless of their socio-economical background.

Investing in real estate isn’t like watching popular TV shows

Here at Novarise, we stay away from the glamorous illusions shown on TV. Investing in real estate is not about searching for the prettiest and most expensive house on the block. In fact, we warn our students about the real behind the scenes truth that come with a massive house renovation (hint: those behind the scenes are not shown on TV).

Real estate investment requires a comprehensive analysis. TV shows will always say “location, location, location”. While location should definitely be taken into account, it is not the only investment criteria. Other things such as: cash flow, property management, and qualification of tenants, tent to be overlooked.

While some of you might have made those mistakes already, what’s important here is the lessons learned and how we adjust our investing strategies going forward. And if you haven’t made any investments just yet, then we hope this article comes in handy in preparing you for your future journey as a real estate investor.

Here are some tips that you should consider when building your investment portfolio:


1. Always make your money in the buy (in my free webinar I’ll show you how to identify profitable deals)

2. Ask the realtor/seller for cashflow statements from the most recent year. Why? Because we as human beings should always trust but verify. We trust that the seller is telling us the truth about the flow of rental income, but, we should definitely verify the accuracy of those numbers.

3. Do title searches to ensure the tile is clean from liens. If you do not how to perform a title search, then you can always work with a tittle company.

4. Always hire experts (e.g.: lawyers, accountants, contractors) who specialize in real estate to be part of you Power Team. This is not a “do-it-yourself” business.

5. Don’t fall in love with a property. This is an investment to cash-flow, you will not live there. Therefore, your decision to buy should be based solely on numbers.


We teach you the full stack

Most real estate education companies (just like in TV shows) teach limited skills to search for “location, location, location.”

Not having the full picture creates clueless investors who fail to see the bigger picture. To succeed in real estate you need to learn and have the full stack – five interconnected layers of skills built on top of each other:

1. Mental awareness

2. Interpersonal skills

3. Developing a good eye

4. Real estate principles

5. Scale & expand

Learn everything, conquer anything

“The building is only as tall as the foundation is strong enough to build on.” We teach you everything you need to succeed in real estate today, tomorrow, and for the time to come to secure your future.

Real estate fundamentals

Selecting the right area to invest, identify problems before purchasing, find opportunities, buy/sell at the right price.


Learn how to get funding even when you don’t have any in order to keep expanding and growing your legacy.

Team development

A strong team is the foundation of any successful business, and real estate needs to be treated a business. Learn how you can build your power team with us.

Asset protection

Learn the legal structure many real estate investors are implementing to protect their hard-earned money from frivolous lawsuits.

Taxes & Accounting

It’s not about how much money you make but how much you get to (legally) keep in house. Learn about the benefits of the US tax code and how you can take advantage of tax deductions such as depreciation.


Learn to assemble a real estate machine by delegating time consuming tasks to technology so you can focus on what really matters: the growth of your real estate portfolio.

Problem solving

Learn to think clearly and to problem-solve quickly. That way, you will always be several steps ahead of the average real estate investor.


You ARE your brand. You must learn how to turn yourself into a successful brand so you can have deals and funding coming your way.

Psychology & Neuroscience

Understanding human behavior, replacing old non-value add habits for successful ones, emotional intelligence – these are traits you will need to hack your brain for growth.

Join A Positive Community Of Real Estate Investors

Novarise will provide you a safe haven network of people who are looking to constantly improve themselves.  Any act of negativity will get you revoked from our community, we strive to create a safe learning and supportive environment.