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Have you ever wondered how to build your international portfolio in the US and at the same time, make it stand out in comparison to your competitors to rent them fast? If that’s what you’re looking to learn, you are in the right place.

There are creative ways you can make your portfolio or your properties stand out from the competition, whether you are in the United States or anywhere else in the world, you can make investments in your country.

We decided to go to Mexico City to compare the properties there with the ones in the USA. By seeing the differences by ourselves, we have made an opinion on what the trends on short-term rentals are.

1. The walls

You have to know how to match modern colors to make your property stand out. Modern colors like orange, beige, blue and green. They have to be earthy tone colors. You can still use white as long as you know how to use the right furniture with the right color that pops.

You have to do an excellent job matching all the colors that you see around because that’s how you are going to combine the furniture, the table and chairs.

For those who have white painting all over the wall, you will notice that every time you try to clean it up, you will see the dust. It will maybe taint the white area so what they did with this is that they utilized a greyish going towards black kind of color that not only gives it the perfect color pop but at the same time, it’s easy to clean because you can easily wipe up the excess dust.

2. The floor

If you use hardwood floors, your property can stand out. That’s in the US. Outside of the US, it could still work but the preference, especially in Latin America is to use ceramic or to use terracotta. Any type of tile as possible.

Why? Because it helps you preserve energy. Try to work with everything that you have available coming from nature. The beauty of having tiles and a house built with concrete is that it keeps it cool all year long.

rent an airbnb
The floor helps a lot to make your Airbnb stand out from other apartments

In the US, it’s very difficult to have a construction made solely of cement because it can become quite expensive but in Latin America, it turns out it’s pretty affordable so most houses, most buildings that you’ll see around the area will be built out of cement.

It also keeps the sound to yourself so you don’t have to hear your neighbors arguing or partying. Having tile floors will definitely help you preserve energy. 


In a big apartment, you could use different types of furniture. But, if you’re working with a small space, you definitely want to incorporate furniture that will have multiple uses. It can be a beautiful piece of decoration.

3. The doors

With digital locks what you can do is that you can preset five or six-digit codes and just simply make sure that the door gets locked. It gets locked automatically. As soon as you close it, it just locks it

 Why is this important

  1. It allows you to manage everything from a long distance. You don’t have to specifically be here all the time to make sure that your Airbnb customer gets the key. 
  2. Second, it’s safe at the same time. Why? Because the door locks itself. 

These kinds of locks are not cheap but think about it long term: How many times would you have to replace a key? How many times would you have to replace the lock itself in the event that you get somebody that you might not end up liking in your property?

All you have to do is just to use an application in your phone, you reset the code and, voila, that’s it. You don’t even have to be here in person. 

4. The Kitchen

It’s important to have technological devices in your kitchen to make your life easier. A good example would be a Fridge. There are some models that are capable of making ice cubes and saving cold and clean water.

It takes time having to wait for the water to boil, if that’s your case, and also for it to cool down so that means you’re going to delay your gratification because you can’t drink that water super hot. Assuming you don’t want to boil the water, then that means you have to take a trip to the supermarket, which means you are going to have to carry big gallons of water. That’s also inefficient because it creates a disruption in your daily pattern because you can be using that time for something else.

It also gives it that color pop because it’s telling you, “Hey, the door’s here. You cannot miss it.” Now, going into this, voila, we have a laundry room, which is perfect. For those who like to travel, usually when you travel, doing laundry is a big issue. For the most part, you’ll have to drop it at a Laundromat and wait for it to get done. Colors are a big thing for most people. Sometimes not every Laundromat takes care of your clothing the way you normally will take care of it.

Having a space to do laundry and not worry about having dirty clothes laying around or not having anything to wear, it’s definitely something that it’s essential.


5. The Garden

airbnb decoration
Many people like to feel near to nature when they visit a vacation home

You could feel like you’re not in the city when you have a nice garden. In Mexico City, you can have your little oasis. It provides lots of clean air, natural plants, and maybe placing a table in the middle of the garden to have breakfast every morning.

We all enjoy the nice breath that comes through the garden. You can make your property even more eco-friendly by the fact that you get so much natural light.

It helps you save money and also save the planet. 

6. The bathroom

In the bathroom, we need the essentials: A sink, a toilet, a shower, and if it’s pretty spacious too, that will be more than enough. 

The color of the sink and the shower should always match each other and also pop with the color of the walls and the decoration.

The bathroom has to become your secret place where you can relax and purify your body and mind. Having a nice environment in the bathroom will make you come out renovated and full of energy.

7. The internet

What’s the big deal with the internet? We live in a very digital world and not just that, most people are working from home nowadays, which means fast speed internet, it’s a must. Not just for your company, especially for those who have children who have to take classes online. Not just that, a lot of people are considering just traveling all over the world because now you’re not tied to your job anymore. You can basically just work from anywhere in the world.

You have to make the internet available for your customers. In Mexico City, you have to make sure that they specifically offer high-speed internet. It is very important for us because otherwise, we won’t be able to keep in touch with everyone or upload videos if you work with marketing, social media or you consider yourself a Youtuber.

airbnb rent
It is essential that you maintain good and friendly communication with your potential guests

Real estate it’s a relationship-based business, so you have to focus on the little details, the little things that make people want to connect with you. In conclusion, technology can definitely make your life a lot easier. You can invest internationally and do everything in a digital manner. 

If you need something while you are staying on an AirBnB, you can reach your host and he will solve anything or, otherwise, he will contact his property manager.

8. Make sure you treat your potential customers well

Remember that real estate is a relationship business. People rent based on the person who is offering them the property. The apartment has to look nice, but if you offer a good deal, if people give you very good reviews on the Airbnb platform, they say they liked the experience and you have always given them a good service, based on those testimonials, people will want to work with you, they will want to rent specifically from you and not from any other type of competitor.

Having an Airbnb is not simply having a nice house. While a nice house is going to make the person stop and read your post, to be the winner, the person or the host that the client chooses, has to see those little details: the water, the Internet and the facilities that each owner can provide.

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