How To Contact Novarise

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Novarise invest course customer service


If you are a student, and you invested in our Real Estate Nova program, under the introduction section, you can find different ways to contact us (email and assigned Facebook group).

Click here to get access to your class portal.

Also, you can take a look at our frequently asked questions most of our students have.

Novarise invest course customer service


Personalized sessions are reserved for students, therefore, Novarise is not able to do personalized consulting or answer specific questions about your financial situation.

To become a student, please register for this free training.

For questions about:

  • Failed payments
  • Details about our course, or
  • Ideas for future episode for our YouTube channel

Email us at [email protected]

Location of Novarise Invest

Location And Business Address

Novarise is a digital company (it follows the Amazon model when it started)

However, this is our registered business address: 3225 MCLEOD DRIVE, SUITE 100, Las Vegas – Nevada 89121