How To Easily Increase The Value Of Your Properties

At some point, you could be in the middle of renovations and you want to know what’s the best way to go about those cosmetic fixes in a way that it looks nice and modern but it doesn’t have to cost so much money and what’s most important, it will make the value of your property stand out in comparison to all of your competition. If that’s the dilemma that you’re facing, we are going to cover exactly that.

You can implement a lot of changes in your renovation and that doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money but it will bring up the value by a lot. It will make you be the one, that one property that either your renter or the buyer, it’s going to pursue because they can envision themselves living in that property.

The goal is that with that renovation that you will do to your property, the future buyer says: “This is the house where I want to make my life from now on ”.

1. Use light colors to remodel your house

It is not fashionable to use white but you can use some type of pastel or beige colors to paint all the walls of the house, this will allow you greater clarity inside your home and a feeling of purity when sunlight enters.

White color went out of fashion, however if you decide to use this color, it has to be a good “staging”. You have to place certain furniture, certain decorations to help that person who is about to rent or about to buy to visualize themselves living there.

The downside of staging is that it tends to be a bit more expensive because you have to buy colored furniture or colored pictures to make this dynamic easier. The best thing you can do is simply choose a relatively light color, but not necessarily white. Because now beige is the trend, it can be a variation of pure white, but it has to have some tone of some kind of color, generally what they call here the “earthy tones”, which are neutral colors that come from the earth.

2. What is an “Accent Wall”?

The internal decoration of a property is a definitive factor for a person to decide to rent or buy

The internal decoration of a property is a definitive factor for a person to decide to rent or buy

You have to use a dark color that stands out, that draws attention to that particular point, also creates a dimension, because if it’s just a simple color, the room would look very flat, boring, and people like the emotion, something different. So then, the accent wall is the opportunity you give the walls to stand out when you decide to remodel a house.

3. Implement a “Crown Molding”

The “crown molding” or as it is known in many Latin American countries, the “skirting board” is a decorative strip that goes at the bottom of the walls and currently at the top between the ceiling and the wall.

It has evolved, in the past, they were not flat, as they went up, it was rounded, but now in the modern era, as we say today, well pointed shapes are very fashionable, everything it has to be square, everything has to be relatively rough, but at the same time flowing around aesthetics.

If you are thinking of remodeling a house to increase the value of a property, this technique will allow you to raise the height of the wall, it will give that impression that the walls are much longer and therefore creates that feeling that there is much more. space, and people love that, they love investing or having a house where you don’t feel claustrophobic or locked in.

These kinds of recommendations don’t really cost a lot of money, a gallon of paint, for example, costs around $ 36, these “crown molding” cost around $ 10, $ 15, depending on where they are, and all they have to do is just hammer it, paint it and that’s it.

4. Wood floors

When you are remodeling the house, it’s always a great idea to incorporate wood floors, and now it is what is currently in trend. Having carpets from one side of the wall to the other, has already gone down in history, they also produce allergies, accumulate dust, dirt, and more currently with everything that is happening with the coronavirus, it is something that people simply do not want to see .

However, wood floors are relatively expensive and if it is out of your budget, you can always go to Home Depot and buy vinyl floors that are much cheaper and have a wood-like appearance.

There are dark wood colored vinyl floors, there is also a tone like grayish wood, a very brown wood, a light wood and the best thing is that you can do it yourself because they already come with glue on the back, the only thing that they have to do is cut the boards at floor level and they stick together. A very cheap way to remodel a house.

5. Add rolling doors

Implementing a door that rolls, as a kind of closet door, not only helps you add an aesthetic part, but for spaces that are relatively small it saves you a lot of space.

As this type of door cannot always be installed, a cheaper alternative to create this illusion of having a door and creating that separation between the rooms, is installing blinds “doors” that can be found on Amazon. A set of them is relatively cheap, less than $ 100, a very acceptable amount to remodel a house.

Rugs can help you divide the spaces in your property to make it look much more spacious.

If you think rugs are old-fashioned, you can use smaller rugs to separate the spaces. Let us remember that nowadays it is very fashionable to have the open concept in the house, people don’t like to see walls, but at the same time they want to feel that separation between different spaces. The best way to do that is with a small carpet that delimits the spaces.

For example: In a room where there is a desk, a mini reading study, drawers and a bed,  how do you create that separation when remodeling a house?

It’s very easy: You take a rug a little larger than the bed, put it underneath, and now you create a partition, and all that was needed was a single rug. Now you know what the area of ​​the bed is, where one sleeps, but at the same time, because there is this same separation, you automatically have a workspace.

value of a property in USA
Carpets can help you divide the spaces in your property to make it look much more spacious.

The idea is to create an illusion in that room so that it looks spacious enough to help a person not feel claustrophobic or enclosed. That is how the value of your house increases when you are about to rent it or sell it.

In your case, if you are going to rent and decide to remodel a house, you are giving that illusion, so that the person says: “I am having enough space for what I am paying”.

Following this series of tips to remodel a house will not only acquire more value, but you can save a significant amount of money when organizing your budget for remodeling.

A gallon of paint for $36, some crown molding for $10, the vinyl floors, and a small carpet, which you can even rent, you don’t have to buy it, you just rent it, use it for a few days for staging and then you return it to the store, they are cheap materials to remodel a house that will give life and value to your property.


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