How To Rent Your Property Fast – Our Tips

Have you ever wondered how to get competitive advantages and rent your property fast? There are some tips you could start using to rent your house or apartment fast. You have to show people a true representation of what the house you are renting looks like. People want to see the bedrooms, the living room, how much space they will have in the kitchen, the colors of the walls and the style of the construction outside and inside of the property.

This is a strategy that you can use pretty much with any platform, whether you want to leverage Zillow or Trulia or StreetEasy for those who lived in New York or any other platform where you want to advertise your rental property.

Hire a good photographer – Rent your property fast

In order to do this you have two choices. You can either hire a photographer that’s going to help you make these beautiful properties look exactly as they are or you will need to learn how to take a good picture.

If you do have the budget to hire a photographer that’s great. Sometimes we might not necessarily have that budget because perhaps you had just bought that rental. You have just bought the property, you’re still trying to recuperate from the closing cost and everything like that. All you got to do is just to take your iPhone or any Android that you have and try to take a picture and get the right coloring as much as you can. By right  meaning a good decent lighting so that way you can fix the picture post editing.

Once you have that done, all you have to do is to take a nice picture, getting the best lighting as you can. Take it from one angle, try to go to another angle until you get a color that is decent. It doesn’t have to be perfect but it has to be decent. By decent meaning not extremely dark, not extremely light.

Rent your property
A photographer can help you get the best out of your property to rent it faster.

Then, you have to click on “edit” and you’re going to come into whatever tools you have available and the case of an iPad or an iPhone you can actually fix it with nice photography tools. If you do have an Android you also have similar tools that you can actually leverage in order to fix that. The two things you really need to pay attention to in the color scheme is:


  • Contrast
  • Lighting

What you’re going to do is you’re going to select contrast. You have to change it and try to add a little bit more color so that way it looks even more vivid. The colors don’t need to change, the house needs to look exactly the same. 

You just have to take a picture and show its true potential, its true value. The colors have to be much more alive versus the original version. Just remember to make the house look nice.

Description of the house – Rent your property

With a good description you get competitive advantages. You need to create a real description of the house if you want to rent your property fast. Imagine you’re in front of your clients and you’re describing the house to them. First is the picture, second is a description. What about the possibility of offering a virtual tour? You can record a video of the house showing the whole place: kitchenroomsbathroomsliving room and others. 

That’s something that you can incorporate in your website as well or in your posting. Real Estate agents are creating tours that are virtual so that way people don’t necessarily have to step out of their house and invest time either traveling, commuting to get there or just simply by staying safe due to everything that’s going on with COVID. Some even have 3D tours. That of course will require you to use a software. You don’t necessarily have to go that fancy.

How to Rent your property fast: Features of the house

All you have to do is to simply tap into that option and it will show you the features of the house. You will be virtually walking all over beautiful houses. It’s like you’re walking around and then checking the house by yourself. You will be staring at the kitchen, checking the bathrooms, how nice and clean they are and finally, you will be entering your new room. That’s the magic of these type of websites.

You can even look out the windows, check out the downstairs and see the color of the walls. A house can have rooms for all the members to hang out or play video games. 

What the clients want to do is to walk around the house, see the beautiful features that you have to offer in your rental whether it’s a house or an apartment, and just continue that tour.

Real Estate websites and their technology

Rent your property online
A virtual tour is perfect for the client to imagine themselves in your property and decide to rent it.

Some websites have definitely taken advantage of the technology. We all are more visual people. You can actually look down, step wherever you want, and look at the entire house from the third floor. You can do that with any property you have, you can do this just with the property in Lake Harmony or somewhere else. 

All you gotta do is just to simply have the capability to use your phone or camera and record the house you are selling or renting. It doesn’t have to be overly fancy but the video will definitely help you enhance that posting and help the prospect envision how their life there is going to be like.


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