Make Money From Home During A Crisis To Pay Your Mortgage

This article includes pretty much everything that’s going on today, what’s going to happen to you and your household. It’s essential that we know how to make money from home. There are families out there who are being sent home as a precaution to hold up the spreading of the virus, but those families are not getting paid. They’re worried about affording the rent. They’re worried about paying for the mortgage. At the same time, they’re also worried about feeding their family.

We have to be clear on the definition of an affiliation and why that is closely related to this. With an affiliation, you go ahead on a website and you recommend a service or a product and then in exchange for that recommendation, if somebody signs up for those services, then you will receive a percentage.

A great way to get started with affiliations it’s actually with the use of credit cards. As you know, a lot of people are being sent home. Everyone is doing their due diligence and keeping social distance.

Therefore, other companies have emerged even more. For example, Amazon or Alibaba, online companies, because now people are trying their very best to not get in contact with other people, which means that people are staying home and they’re actually ordering more stuff.

That means Amazon is experiencing a very high demand of household items, and to a certain degree, even groceries. When you have cash, you can place an order on Amazon, you’re going to have to use credit cards, which just simply means that the use of your credit card is going to start going up. 

There is a way that you can actually make money besides just simply using credit cards and racking up points. You can also start referring the credit card to friends or family members because chances are perhaps some members of your family might have lost their jobs.

Some members of your family might need that extra cash. When you start doing referrals of credit cards, depending on the bank that you’re working with, they can give you maybe $50.

Let’s say, for example, you have a Chase card, and you’re using the Chase Freedom and you just recently found out that a cousin of you just lost her job and she is looking to leverage a credit card that can give her the flexibility of 0%.

That way, she can ride the tough times and have the ability to afford groceries for her family, but at the same time, not stressed out for interest rates, and also have the ability to make points.

Those are two of the great parts that Chase Freedom could have. Because you refer your cousin you’re getting an incentive from Chase, $50, and then, in this case, your cousin because she signed up using my referral link, she gets an extra signup bonus point.

You can make money from home with Amazon

You can create an account for Amazon affiliations. This is the way that’s going to work out: You go ahead and you create an affiliate account, and perhaps your family members create affiliate accounts.

What you’re going to do is that once that account is created and it’s set up, you are going to start exchanging links because you cannot create an account and then use your own link to buy household items or anything that’s necessary for your family.

make money
Among the most popular tools to save or earn money from home is Amazon.

If you have your neighbor and you guys are good friends, you’re both going to open up an Amazon affiliate account, and then you’re going to use each other’s link. Every time that person purchases household items or whatever item that they purchase utilizing your link, you can get somewhere between 2% to 3%, for starters all the way up to 10%, depending on the item that they’re purchasing online. 

Another way that you can make money from Amazon is by utilizing their audible services. Every time somebody uses your link to sign up for the audible services, and they stay in the service, of course, you will get a commission of around $5. It’s one of the highest commissions that Amazon pays.

Make money with Home Depot

Home Depot has an affiliate program as well but it’s typically for businesses. If you already have an LLC set up, or if you already have a corporation set up, you can actually go on the Home Depot site and apply for their affiliate program. They can give you somewhere between 3% to 5%. You have to have a website set up in place because they are a business and they’re only doing affiliate programs with businesses.

How to make money from home to pay your mortgage: Fiverr & Upwork

One of the platforms that you can actually leverage is Fiverr or Upwork. If you know how to draw logos or you are an editor, you can advertise your skill and you can get side projects there and without having to leave your house.

Some of you might know how to play guitars, some of you are makeup artists or some of you can teach a language all online. All you have to do is just advertise your skills and after that, then you can decide how you can deliver the services through platforms like Skype or Zoom.

You can actually leverage the technology and leverage the platform to even communicate with people without necessarily you having to be there. At the same time some of you guys might be attorneys, some of you might be accountants, some of you might be general medicine doctors. You can have your online clients and meet them online to give them your recommendations. 

Youtube: Another way for you to make money at home is through platforms like Instagram and YouTube. If you already met certain criteria from YouTube, they could allow you to monetize your channel.

Some of you create content for the sake of creating content because you enjoy it, some of you are leveraging YouTube as a way to market your service. Maybe you are into filming, maybe you are into music creation. Some of you already have met the minimum requirement of having at least 1,000 subscribers and a minimum number of viewers.

Instagram: Another way to do that is through Instagram. If you have a certain number of people who are already following you what you can do is to do the famously called shoutouts.

If you’re an artist, let’s say you’re a dancer and you’re trying to get more subscribers to your own channel, and you have already built up a platform that it’s for that same common interest which is dancing. You can give out a shoutout to those who are trying to gain more followers whether it’s in their YouTube channel whether it’s in their Instagram channel, and you can charge daily for that post.

Depending on the type of content that you’re trying to promote, some people charge $50 a day for a 24-hour post. Some people even charge $60 or $70 dollars a day for a 24-hour post. It all depends on the field that you’re in and it also depends on the number of followers that you have.

Fund&Grow: is a service that basically helps real estate investors to get access to unsecured credit, in this case, credit cards but they’re all commercial credit cards or business credit. Why is it important for you to get access to business credit? Because it’s kept separate from your personal profile.

Assuming for whatever reason you do not qualify or you do not meet the criteria to get access to loans, Fund&Grow can get you up to $250,000 in business credit. That is working capital for you to keep your business going. 

If you don’t have a business don’t worry because Fund&Grow also can help you set up that legal entity and get access to that unsecured funding as well so you can have enough to perhaps maybe even cover that mortgage payment or perhaps to bring enough capital into your own household to even feed your family. At the same time, you keep it separate from your personal profile so that way it’s not impacting your credit scores.

Apps to make money from home

make money from home
You can earn money from home by taking advantage of Chase affiliate programs. 

Chase Bank using the phone application: Let’s say you already logged in and you’re inside your application for your credit card, what you’re going to do is scroll all the way down. Once you do that, you’re going to see a part that says refer friends.

Once you click on the refer friends box it’s going to open up another window that it’s going to indicate you can refer, reward and repeat and that you can actually earn up to $500 cashback per year, just by simply inviting your friends.

Then, you have to choose whether ‘send an email’ or ‘Invite now’. In this case, you’re selecting the Invite Now. Once you hit that option, all you got to do is just to type in the name of the person that you want to send up that referral code.

They’re going to get emitted access to that link and go ahead and apply for that credit card. They will receive an extra $200 cashback for participating and you will receive a referral bonus point for simply referring your friends or anyone within your circle. 

American Express: All you got to do is to log into your application. Once you’re logged onto your application, assuming that you have an American Express Card, you’re going to go into Account and you’re going to be faced with a bunch of options.

What you’ll do is to scroll all the way down, and then you’re going to hit the option that says: ‘Refer a Friend’. All you got to do is just to click on the application, Refer a Friend, and then it allows you the option to choose what type of cards you want to refer your friends to or your family members to.

Amazon: All you have to do is scroll all the way down and you’re going to pick the option to become an Amazon Affiliate and you’re just simply going to open your account.

On the affiliate page, you need to have the following to be able to use your account:

1. You need to have a website. Make sure that you include your website if you already have one. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world, what you’re going to do is simply go into Facebook and create a Facebook group. Once that Facebook group is created, what you’re going to do is you’re just simply going to copy the link of your Facebook group and you’re just going to simply paste it in the account in Amazon.

2. You have to have at least 8 sales in a period of 180 days. If you don’t manage to get at least 8 sales, during the period of 180 days, Amazon is going to go ahead and close your account. 

3. Next, you’re just simply going to search for the product. You can type the name of the book or the name of whatever is it that you’re trying to help your friends or your family, whatever product or household product that you’re trying to get. 

4. Select “Get Link”. Then you’re going to get access to a long link or just simply select the shorter version and you’re going to copy it and just send it over to your friends or whoever is visiting your Facebook page. This is how you make money on Amazon.

Fiverr: Fiverr, has all kinds of postings. If you have that special skill. You can market your services in pages like Fiverr.

Upwork: You can look for talent there, you can actually post for talent. If you’re looking to find someone, then you have options right here to choose from web developingmobile developmentdesign writing. All you got to do is just to simply just type what you’re looking for.

Depending on where you are, Upwork is actually an international platform. If you reside outside of the States, you can definitely post for an opening as well. For those who are Spanish speakers, you can definitely post your services there and make money that way.

Etsy: This is like the Amazon but for arts and crafts. Anyone who is artsy, anyone who designs their own art, they create posters, can go there and make money by posting their services for sale.

If you are crafty or artistic, then this is the perfect page for you to come in and promote your products, promote your items and make some side cash, in addition to whatever you could be getting from artworks or through Amazon in these times of crisis.


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