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What’s on the agenda for today?

  • Fed raises interest rates to 5.5%, their highest point in more than 22 years
  • The US Dollar rallies and the US economy is now looking more resilient than Europe
  • Housing inventory hits all-time lows this summer

Recommended articles you must read on August 2023

The following articles were chosen with care by our Novarise team. We hope you enjoy our curated readings:

  • Why the Federal Reserve has made everything more expensive to make things less expensive. By continuing to raise interest rates, the Fed hopes to make borrowing and investing more expensive, thus reducing overall demand for goods, services and labor in the economy – Learn more
  • U.S. Dollar Rallies as Data Shows Economy Is Resilient. The U.S. currency does best in times of great economic or political stress due to its role as the dominant global safe asset – Learn more
  • What happened to the summer housing market? The housing market is savagely unhealthy due to all-time low inventory and increased interest rate – Learn more
  • Mortgage Rates Go Up – Right as the Housing Market Melts Down. Housing inventory continues to drop, reigniting fears of a housing market crash as U.S. new home sales slip, first negative reading since February – Learn more
  • Stock futures rise slightly as the market is set to end July with solid gains. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq are poised for a fifth month of rises, the longest winning streak for each index since 2021 – Learn more

Stocks to analyze according to the experts

These stocks were selected because of their recent performance on the stock market and the financial performance of the companies. They are seen as options to sell, buy, or hold.

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Book recommendation of the month

Entrepreneurship: How to Start and Grow Your Own Business – by Brian Tracy

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Financing for real estate

Invest Without Interests With The Bank’s Money

With interest rates so high, many investors are looking for ways to access low-interest capital. With Fund and Grow, you will not only access low interest capital, but capital with 0% interest! We invite you to watch this video to learn how.

Investing with strategy

From Jail Prisoner To Real Estate Investor

We interviewed Gauntlett McCarter, a real estate investor, who is going to share his story with us. This is a success story, as he didn’t let his past get in the way. He will teach us the importance of commitment and education to succeed in real estate investing.

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