Financial Education Made Simple

We believe that the traditional education system is flawed. It doesn’t teach what’s necessary for families to better manage their finances to access a better financial life. We seek to break the pattern of an old system that no longer works.

The Problem Novarise Is Trying To Solve, Finances Don't Have To Be Complicated

The Problem

Financial education is complex, not well explained, and very expensive to get or learn. Financial information should be easy to understand and available to every human on planet earth.

The Problem Novarise Is Trying To Solve, Finances Don't Have To Be Complicated


To provide the needed financial education for every human on earth and a supportive community that wants the collective financial success of everyone in it.

The Problem Novarise Is Trying To Solve, Finances Don't Have To Be Complicated


Make financial education simple, easy to understand and accessible to anyone looking to change their current financial situation for a more comfortable one. 

Our core values:

1. Education
Financial education should be accessible everywhere and to everyone.

2. Inclusiveness
Everyone should have access to financial education regardless of your social-economic status, religion, gender, race, or beliefs.

3. Integrity
We seek to do right by providing our viewers with quality content that goes straight to the point, no fluff!

4. Respect
No bullying, no mistreatment of any kind.

5. Long-Term Thinking
Build something that is meant to last and leave a legacy.


6. Growth
Life ends when we are stagnant. There is always an opportunity to learn and grow at a personal and business level.

7. Innovation
We teach financial education the new way: no grades or titles, just results.

8. Prudence
Money is hard to earn. Thus, it should be spent on assets, not on shiny objects that have no value.

9. Gratefulness
We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to evolve to the point where we can teach financial education, for that we are always grateful.

10. Independent Thinking
We encourage everyone to take initiative and to work hard but smart.

How Novarise Was Born

Hi there, I’m Lucelia Chou Zheng, one of the founders, and I started in real estate by accident. My first deal was in my teens, and thanks to that experience I discovered that I enjoyed learning about real estate as much as I enjoyed watching home renovation shows in HGTV.

But my journey started slow. My goal at the time was to climb up the corporate ladder. I had a “secured career”, one where I intended to stay in a long time. My plan was to invest in real estate slowly to live off my rental income in my retirement.

It wasn’t until my father became very ill that I realized how helpless I was. Even with a 6 figure salary, I realized I was only an “empty suit”. I wore the best outfit to work, the best handbags, expensive watches, you name it…

I had lots of liabilities but no assets that could generate income to help my family. My dad was very ill, and that point, I wasn’t even sure if I could pay for his funeral. Right around that time, I met Anthony Llanos, who also felt the pain of not being able to provide for his loved ones. After all, Anthony was raised by a single mother.

Looking for the best solution possible to generate maximum income, I decided to go ALL IN with real estate while I was still working in my full time job. My expansion felt like an overnight change, after all, my portfolio grew to 24 properties in only 6 months. Yet, the expansion was nothing simple and I had countless sleepless nights.

From that moment on, friends and acquaintances became very interested in how the expansion happened. I did not mind helping but I quickly noticed that I soon started sounding like a broken record, repeating the same information over an over again.

That’s when Anthony suggested “let’s record some videos and upload them to YouTube! That way, your friends can watch those videos at their own discretion and you can get some of your time back to focus on your family and your portfolio expansion.” From then on, the growth of Novarise became exponential.

The power of network is strong. Soon, my friends began sharing Novarise’s videos with their friends and families. The demand for learning was so high that my followers began requesting a Spanish speaking channel for their Spanish speaking relatives, and that is how Novarise Latino was launched just a few months later.

This video explains a bit of my story & how I got started in real estate

Novarise was born out of passion for real estate.

Hi, this is Anthony Llanos, and I would like to take it from here =)

You might have not seen me much in Novarise’s YouTube videos but I am the guy responsible for the digital strategies so our videos can reach you. We live in a digital world now, and I was able to combine both of our passions into a product that can create good for the world.

Novarise was born out of passion for real estate and the digital world. Today, Lucelia and I are committed to creating a e-learning paradise for those seeking information and a community of like-minded people who want to grow and be better than the people they were yesterday, in every aspect: financially, emotionally, and personally.

We saw the struggles our parents went through due to lack of financial literacy. We definitely did not want to repeat the same mistakes.

Having the opportunity to break the pattern by having access to financial education, Lucelia and I felt that it wouldn’t be right to keep that information to ourselves.

As founders, we seek to provide equal learning opportunities for those ready for a change. We seek to level the playing field so that everyone gets a chance at leaving a legacy in this world.

The product of high demand…

As the channel grew in popularity, so did the demand for mentorship. Our followers shared that the content in both of Novarise’s YouTube channel was already providing them a lot of value, and they claimed that if this is what I (Lucelia) had to teach for free, imagine a mentorship program with me! When I saw the multiple request for mentorship, I was actually surprised.

Growing up, I never had patience helping my sisters with their homework, and because of that, I never saw myself as a teacher. But even with the multiple requests, I was not ready to be anyone’s mentor just yet. I said to myself “me, a mentor? nah!”

So I let time go by thinking the requests for mentorships would stop coming, but they didn’t. In fact, I kept getting more and more. It wasn’t until the time that I received an email from a follower that got me thinking. At the time, my email was not publicly available. Yet, people were finding my email (I don’t even know how) and every morning, I would see my inbox filled with requests for mentorships as I commuted to work on the NYC subway. In the end, I gave in and the work began…

The growth of our channel & the high demand

It took 6 months to create the first version of the mentorship program for the English community. It took that long to create because I didn’t want to let anyone down. You always hear stories of people getting scammed online and I definitely did not want that image for Novarise. I wanted (and still want) people to expedite their success. If they didn’t, then there will be no need for a mentorship program and the program wouldn’t have lived up to our followers’ expectation…that is how Real Estate Nova was born.

The Real Estate Nova Program

Real Estate Nova Course Image

We exceeded their expectations..

Not only did we meet our student’s expectations, we exceeded them. Our students were saying that the program was a bargain for the information they were getting. And it wasn’t just information, they meant QUALITY information. The program was a total success and it was quite an experience for me.

Word spread out of the success of Real Estate Nova, and 6 months later, our Spanish speaking followers began requesting a Spanish version of the program as well. And that is how Real Estate Nova en Español was born. Both programs were the product of high demand. Both programs were created for you, the person who is ready to change for a better future. And through this program, we seek to make it happen. Novarise is the rising of the bright from humble beginnings.

You might be wondering “why would people pay for a mentorship when you can get this information for free?” 

Reviews of our English audience & how happy they with our product

And you could be right, but it will take you a long time. Why? Because tying things together in a way that makes sense is very difficult. And I say this by experience. It took me over 15 years to learn what I know so that our students could learn that same information in only 6 weeks.

Me (Lucelia Chou Zheng) in my early days in real estate

Not convinced? Let’s say you do find all the answers, and that you managed to pull all the pieces together after a few years…you will then realized that you have another obstacle: not having like-minded individuals who want to grow like you and are also willing to help you grow. That is why Real Estate Nova was created. To provide mentorship to those who seek to expedite their financial growth so they can spend their time doing the things that truly matter: being with their loved ones. Imagine yourself getting a nice house for your mom, being present at your daughter’s dance recital, or your son’s baseball game. No kids? Then, imagine yourself traveling the world with your special someone while having cash flow coming your way.

Most people are not surrounded by a circle of growth. Change is not easy, and sometimes, the people surrounding you are the ones who (unfortunately) bring you down. That’s a problem Real Estate Nova addresses by creating a private community of new and seasoned real estate investors who are eager to grow and give back to their community. That way, seasoned investors will help out the newer ones in their growth.  And eventually, the new investors will become the seasoned ones to help the new investors joining the group.

This is the type of private community where even seasoned investors get to learn from new investors since they usually bring in a fresher perspective.

As if that wasn’t enough, we also host private calls to provide guidance and opportunities for all investors to network with one another. Bullying and negativity towards others is not allowed. Anyone who does so will be banned from the community. Life would be easier if we all had people encouraging us to do better, don’t you think?

As mentioned under our mission, we have reached 6 million lives with our YouTube and Real Estate Nova program, our goal is to reach the billions.

What began as an accident is now a movement

Nothing makes me happier than seeing other people change themselves and change their lives for the better. Like I mentioned earlier, everybody deserves to leave their legacy in this world.

I feel goosebumps every time my students come to me to share their success stories. Whether is the fact that they finally built a strong FICO score from scratch, shredding 10 years off their mortgage, their ability to build strong businesses with access to up to $250,000 in capital each…or better yet, how I’ve replaced Netflix over dinner because they prefer to learn from me over a movie.

All of that leaves me speechless. And seeing their happiness makes us (Novarise as a team) want to do more, to teach more, to continuously enhance our program, so we are always relevant and at the vanguard of market changes. 

What began as an accident is now a movement…

A movement to help the humbles one rise. A movement with more financial education, less uneven statistics, and equal opportunities for growth. This is the time for the rising of the bright from humble beginnings, that is you, and you are here, and I’d love for you to join me!