Financial Education Made Simple

We believe that the traditional education system is flawed. It doesn’t teach what’s necessary for families to better manage their finances to access a better financial life. We seek to break the pattern of an old system that no longer works.

This video talks about how Novarise was born and our goals

Our mission

The Problem Novarise Is Trying To Solve, Finances Don't Have To Be Complicated

The Problem

Financial education is complex, not well explained, and very expensive to get or learn. Financial information should be easy to understand and available to every human on planet earth.

The Problem Novarise Is Trying To Solve, Finances Don't Have To Be Complicated


To provide the needed financial education for every human on earth and a supportive community that wants the collective financial success of everyone in it.

The Problem Novarise Is Trying To Solve, Finances Don't Have To Be Complicated


Make financial education simple, easy to understand and accessible to anyone looking to change their current financial situation for a more comfortable one. 

Our core values:

Teaching finance classes


Financial education should be accessible everywhere and to everyone.

Unity and inclusivity


Everyone should have access to financial education regardless of your social-economic status, religion, gender, race, or beliefs.



We seek to do right by providing our viewers with quality content that goes straight to the point, no fluff!

Community and unity


No bullying, no mistreatment of any kind.

Thinking long term

Long-Term Thinking

Build something that is meant to last and leave a legacy.

Financial growth


Life ends when we are stagnant. There is always an opportunity to learn and grow at a personal and business level.

Innovation of your company


We teach financial education the new way: no grades or titles, just results.

How to make money and keep it


Money is hard to earn. Thus, it should be spent on assets, not on shiny objects that have no value.

Intelligence and innovative thoughts


We seek to give hope to those in need and let them know that we are here to help them achieve their financial goals.

Our impact

Novarise community live event

30+ Millions

Lives touched


Languages spoken


Members of our program

Our product

The product of high demand…

As the channel grew in popularity, so did the demand for mentorship.

Our followers shared that the content in both of Novarise’s YouTube channel was already providing them a lot of value, and they claimed that if this is what (Lucelia) had to teach for free, imagine a mentorship program with us! When we saw the multiple request for mentorship, we were actually surprised.

It took 6 months to create the first version of the mentorship program for the English community. It took us so long to create it because we wanted a quality product for YOU.

Novarise Invest Exponential Growth

The growth of our channel & the high demand

The Real Estate Nova program

Not only did we meet our student’s expectations, we exceeded them. Our students were saying that the program was a bargain for the information they were getting. And it wasn’t just information, they meant QUALITY information. The program was a total success and it was quite an experience for me.

Word spread out of the success of Real Estate Nova, and 6 months later, our Spanish speaking followers began requesting a Spanish version of the program as well. And that is how Real Estate Nova en Español was born. Both programs were the product of high demand.

What began as an accident is now a movement

A movement to help the humbles one rise. A movement with more financial education, less uneven statistics, and equal opportunities for growth. This is the time for the rising of the bright from humble beginnings, that is you, and you are here, and I’d love for you to join me!

Novarise community live event