Real Estate: How To Find The Right Property Manager

We, as Real Estate investors, need to qualify a good property manager. But, how do you even find a property manager? First, you need to know how to get in touch with one. If you’re looking for answers to that particular question, you have arrived at the right place.

Today, we’re going to talk about the different ways you can find the right property manager for you. 

What we’re going to do is share the right steps to find the right property manager. First things first, who do you reach out to to find out if there’s a property manager out there for you? The first person you need to check with is your realtor. Why? Because they are successful for a reason, they already have a power team.

Find the right person to manage your properties

Experienced realtors always have a title agency that can help you with the closing and the transferring of the deed. Realtors are definitely the right starting point because, if they know all of those people, chances are they also know a good property manager out there that you can leverage as part of your power team. In fact, some of the realtors are property managers themselves and if not, they at least have a business partner that happens to be a property manager.

There are cases where a couple works together. They could form a team, say: the husband could be the property manager and the wife could be a real estate broker. She is out there building relationships with those real estate investors who are looking to buy.

The husband could basically take any new properties that comes his way, in addition to whatever properties they manage. A lot of realtors happen to be investor-friendly, and they also happen to be investors themselves. When they are investors themselves, they understand your needs, they anticipate whatever need you may have.

Property manager
An agent who has investment knowledge can help you find a property manager.

A realtor can be a property manager as well. They can actually perform both roles and they both go hand in hand. They complement one another. Your realtor is basically the best starting point for you to find that right property manager for you.


If for whatever reason you don’t have a realtor, there’s another step you can follow and that’s just simply: joining real estate investment clubs / your local REIA.

Property Manager in REIAs

There are two websites that are great for you to leverage. One of them is, and there’s another one called What you do on these websites it’s just a quick search by your zip code.

For example, you search for real estate investment clubs and 11101 (type a zip code). You can do that in Meetup or you can do that in and you will find a listing of different real estate investment clubs. 

You might wonder “What does that have to do with me?”

There are a lot of real estate investors hanging out in REIAs. Chances are if you know a real estate investor, that person knows a property manager, or sometimes, property managers hang out in those REIAs because they can be investors as well. 

Find the right Property Manager on Facebook Groups

facebook groups Property manager
Social media networks are great tools to find the professionals you are looking for.

Online platforms are definitely great for you to leverage. If leveraging your realtor doesn’t work, the next step you can do is check out Facebook groups that are dedicated to the topic of Real Estate. 

When you’re a member of one of those groups, all you have to do is post something on a Facebook group wall, and then ask something like: “Hey, I live in Georgia, and I’m looking for a property manager in this area that can help take care of my portfolio.”

Next thing you know, you will either find someone who’s offering the services themselves, or you will perhaps find someone who just happened to know of a property manager and just points you towards the direction of that person. 

If that doesn’t work, we’ll just simply go back to basics: search on Google.

You can do that for your particular zip code and you will find a list of property managers. The best part of this is that the reviews don’t lie. One way or the other, you are getting a filter thanks to Google, to pinpoint the ones that have the best reviews.

Once you get those, then you can go through a questionnaire that is going to help you determine whether someone is the right property manager for you and your portfolio as well.


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