Reviews Of Our Customers

Read/listen to what our students have to say about our Real Estate Nova investment program

Gladys Peralta 

Her quest to take control of her financial life lead her to me as a way to find answers.

At the time, Gladys didn’t know much about financial literacy. She was extremely afraid of credit cards and only had $6,750 of available credit.

Today, she has $32,500 in home equity, a great property manager, and her own real estate business. This program changed Glady’s life and she tells her story in this video

Miguel Santiuste 

Miguel had lots of experience in real estate but didn’t know much about credit and how to leverage it to invest in real estate, after a couple of weeks going over the program he was blown away with the amount of information he didn’t know

He says in the video that our online course has exceeded his expectations and the learning provided about e-mail marketing for real estate was a plus for him. 

Keyonte Summers

Currently I am dealing with my hoarder house and the rehab should be complete in two weeks. I have also been doing a ton of networking and building contact from local and out of state investors.

Thanks to you I was able to get almost 30k in business credit and my renovation on my currently project is all 0% interest for 12 months. My current project was a FSBO purchase price 35k rehab 15k I went a little over so ending budget will be 17k. ARV is 80k-90k. I plan on refinancing paying my HELOC and cards down and cashflow will still be 175+ 

Scott Kelly 

I am still working on Week 5. Loved the Letter of Intent part. Your course is a lot more than I expected …in a great way. I didn’t think it would take me this long….I started in September.

If I had known (or if I had asked) how long it would take to complete, I might have postponed till the first of the year. I feel like I’m taking a college course…a very challenging one! I’m glad I dived in though! Anyway, all is well. Excited about this year. Looking forward to FB mtg on Saturday

Magalys Calderon 

Hello everyone, I wanted to share with everyone that thanks to this program I was approved to a line of credit with Chase ink of $17,000 for my investments.

I’m happy because I already have more money to invest. Happy 2020 and let’s move on. Thanks, Lucelia, you are the best !!!

Alejandro Luzardo

When I made the purchase of the course I thought: “Will it be worth it and that I will not be scammed as I have been before?”, But no, certainly everything you say is true. You are actually not charging enough for this course, but that is good, it helps people…

You are actually charging less for this course than you should, but that is good, it helps people who want to obtain their financial freedom. Thank you teacher from the bottom of my heart and have a happy day.