Meet The Novarise Team

We are proud of our team, they are the stars that help Novarise help change people’s live in this earth.

Anthony Ll y Lucelia C - Novarise Invest Team

Anthony and Lucelia

Founders of Novarise

Anthony Ll y Lucelia C - Novarise Invest Team

Gladys Peralta


- Novarise Invest Team

Alexandra Álvarez

Creative director in audiovisual production and social media – More information

Michelle D - Novarise Invest Team

Michelle Deniesse

Creative director in audiovisual production, social media and thumbnail creator – More information

Sofía A - Novarise Invest Team

Sofía Abundis

Operations manager and virtual assistant

Andrés H - Novarise Invest Team

Andrés Henry

Video editor and thumbnail creator

Chief Marketing Officer


Chief marketing officer