The Real Estate Foreclosure Wave Is Coming

You should start this new month with everything you have, moving your investments, investing your money wisely and stay informed of the market conditions because a wave of “foreclosures ” may be coming.

The moratorium on evictions, on mortgages or foreclosures had been extended by the new administration of President Joe Biden, but that date varies somewhat depending on the state you are in and the type of mortgage you have.

All these actions that the Biden administration are doing in terms of extending the moratoriums, have the purpose of protecting families so that they do not become homeless. The point is, all of this can lead to a wave of foreclosures.

You should always be one step ahead of what’s to come – Foreclosures

There always tends to be some kind of consequences that you don’t see coming. When the moratoriums were put into effect, the purpose was simply to prevent those families from being left without homes, but ironically after so many extensions, first March, then June, then October, January and recently in this year 2021, those families that are living in those rented properties, are left without houses anyway because at the end of the day they are investors.

Many of the real estate investors have these properties available for rent, but many of them are mortgaged. That means that the owner himself has a debt, a financial responsibility with the same bank and depends on that money from the rents to be able to fulfill his financial obligation, which is to pay to the bank.

The irony of this situation is that the Government, by wanting to ensure that these people are not left without a house, without a home, in the same way, they will end up being left without houses, because after so many extensions, the owner is running out of money, or some actually have already run out of money.

They have no choice but to return the house to the bank, and the bank is obviously not going to be dealing with tenants and will simply put the property up for sale on the market.

Tenants or landlords, who is right?

There are tenants who are really in need, there are people who really lost their jobs and do not know what to do to get ahead, they have maximum credit cards, they have used all their savings and are on the verge of being homeless.

These have been difficult times for everyone, and it is the reason that a wave of foreclosures can generate.

These have been difficult times for everyone, and it is precisely the reason that a wave of foreclosures can generate. However, unfortunately there are other people who have sadly been taking advantage of the system, taking advantage of the pain of other people, they receive help from the stimulus, they do not want to pay the rent and they are the ones who are creating the crisis.

This is why the owners claim that the tenants have money, but they refuse to pay the rent, although like everything else, there are also people who do not have to pay the rent of the house where they live.

What about the owners? – Foreclosures

The same also works for landlords, because now the tenant cannot simply come and say: “This is abusive, I don’t have money and I don’t want to pay” and the landlord has no way of getting ahead, because he also has his obligations. .

This is the list of documents that as a landlord you should demand from those people who are taking advantage of the system, to confirm to the government that this person is taking advantage of not meeting their obligation to pay rent.

Whatever reason you need to remove that family from the property, you must demonstrate to the government your allegation and you have to show them that those people do have the funds to pay off their debt.

Experts in the field, as investors and owners, are looking for a way to help the tenant as well. They are looking for government programs to provide that support to the tenant, so that he or she can pay the rent.

This information was taken from an article. It’s not under any circumstances a weapon to take advantage of the system, we are here to help each other. At the same time, we are helping people identify those areas to invest in, because as we all know the United States has federal and state laws at the same time. Federal laws apply to the entire nation, but each state also has the freedom to decide how to govern itself.

Foreclosure in USA

realtor foreclosure
The main thing you should do is adapt and have knowledge about the new laws, decrees, and trends.

Many workers have had to diversify their skills to adapt to the crisis. They are looking for opportunities in other areas, which expand their skills, their work, and their resume.

Don’t buy a property with your emotions

Many people are desperately buying houses for the “fear of missing something.” There are people who buy with their emotions, they are scared with the “fear of missing out” syndrome (FOMO) because they see a house, they like it, they give an offer and other people win it because they are always willing to put in more money.

These people end up giving a very high offer on the house without thinking twice, they buy without making the correct evaluations and they are stuck with a house that they do not like. That is why they should not

As a real estate investor, if you know what those states are, you can anticipate and offer houses to those tenants who are looking to move from one state to another and take advantage of the incentives that the states are offering to each of them.

List of states with this type of incentive:

  • Maine
  • Vermont
  • Alaska
  • Iowa
  • Tulsa in Oklahoma
  • Nebraska
  • Chattanooga in Tennessee
  • Hamilton in Ohio
  • Lincoln in Kansas. 

And for those who are looking to invest internationally we have countries like Chile and Switzerland, offering the incentive for you to move and if you are a person who is looking for somewhere to invest, consider one of these states if you are looking to invest out of the USA.

Commercial properties are trending

“Vacancy rate for industrial real estate will increase with a constant increase in supply”, are headlines that we can see in the main portals specialized in real estate, so if you are looking to diversify your investments within the real estate world, you can take a look at the area. of what is storage, warehouses, where manufacturing companies such as Amazon, use them to place the merchandise.

As a result of the pandemic there is a “boom” in online businesses, there are so many online businesses that there is a lot of demand for industrial areas such as warehouses and storages, because all those companies that are succeeding are having an incredible demand and at the same time It seems there is no supply, there are no storages available because everyone wants a place to keep their merchandise.

Investments in the stock market

foreclosure stock market
Buying stocks has proven to be an economic escape for many people.

In addition to the “boom” of online companies, there is a boom in payment platforms, platforms such as PayPalSquare and Stripe, which is a company that is valued today at 115 billions of dollars.

  • Foreclosure and investments

Buying stocks has proven to be an economic escape for many people

Stripe announced that it will go public, this means that it will begin to distribute shares of its company so that ordinary people can invest and buy shares, buy shares of the company and help the expansion of that particular platform.

So those who are looking to diversify their portfolio on the stock market, this is an option to consider. For those considering investing in the stock market this is a good candidate to consider.

Don’t forget the precious metals

Precious metals are always a good investment option if you don’t have enough capital to get started in the world of real estate investments. Gold has already risen at the highest level in recent times.

When there is a lot of fear in the economy of impending inflation, people tend to invest in alternative markets. Aside from investing in the stock market, people look for another way to have some kind of currency.

The digital era

foreclosure digital era
We are in the era where everything is digital, the era of the best computers and the best phones.

We are in the era where everyone is talking about cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum and in order to generate or mine crypto currencies, you must have a “semiconductor”.

What are those agencies or companies that offer semiconductors?

  • NVIDIA: one share of them costs USD $554.77
  • Micron Technology at USD $87.85
  • AMD between USD $89 to USD $93 per share.

Investments in Tesla and Lucid Motors

We all know the enormous leap that Tesla has taken in recent years, not only in the automotive market, but also in terms of its share price on the stock market. While it turns out to be an excellent investment option, it is not affordable for everyone.

So you should consider the most likely Tesla’s top competitor, Lucid Motors, founded by former employees of Elon Musk’s company. One of the most attractive factors that could catapult Lucid is the mileage of its vehicles, which promises to surpass the best Tesla vehicle.

Although Lucid does not have its cars on the market yet, you can invest in this company through Churchill Capital, a company with which they have partnered with. You can find it on the stock exchange as CCIV.

What other options do I have to invest in the stock market?

Home Depot and Macy’s are waiting for the pandemic trends to continue, because that is helping them go up in earnings, up in ranks in equities, because people who are receiving some kind of stimulus are investing it in home renovations.

Instead of choosing to spend their money on clothes or going out to dinner, they are rather using that money to reinvest it in their house, and what do they reinvest it in? Just going to Home Depot, doing repairs, or at Macy’s looking for new curtains or new furniture. That is creating the trend for those stocks to go up in value.

Remember that when faced with unexpected situations, it is better to be prepared. So make sure you are in the best position when the foreclosing wave hits.


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