How To Show Your Clients An Apartment Or A House

Novarise is a company created with the purpose of teaching Real Estate. In this opportunity we are going to share some tips for you to become an excellent real estate agent and that way you could achieve your goals in this business. This article will be about living in New York, the capital of the world.

If you live in New York and you are starting your real estate business, you need to know what a Real Estate investor needs to have to become successful in that city.

We will also show you the best way of showing your potential tenants a property. There are some techniques that will make it easier if you want to sell it.

Living in the Big Apple

Lucelia Chou, our CEO will tell us more about her experience. She will share a couple of powerful tips you need to take into consideration when you want to start working in the real estate market. 

When she describes her apartment in New York City, she explains that it has 350 square feet, which is small for the american standards but it’s acceptable for New York since houses are very expensive.

“I just simply decided to invest in what I truly need. My rent is $1.450. That sounds like a lot for a small apartment but it’s fair for the average prices you see in the market”, she explains.

She says the most important part of a house is the kitchen. “As an investor you have to be careful with the kitchen, because people spend a lot of time cooking, eating and talking”. 

Real Estate Agent: Flippers

If you are a house flipper, you have to make sure the house has a nice kitchen. A functional kitchen. 

The Real Estate expert suggests that you need to sell the idea to your clients that they will have a nice daily life in your property. You have to talk about the nice colors of the walls, the technologic appliances and the space that they will enjoy.

As a real estate agent you need to guide the potential clients to those areas of the house that they would enjoy the most. You have to describe the advantages over other houses. You can make recommendations about furniture and how to organize them in order to have more space.

You have to connect with the hobbies of the family. For example: “This could be the area to keep the soccer balls”. “This wall is amazing for the family trip pictures”. If you make them think about the things they could do in your property, they will start to think about how their life could be when they move to their new home.

Real Estate Agent in USA: Family members 

For those who have children, you have to share all the activities they could do in some spaces. You could show them a wall where they could see how tall they have gotten through time.

As an investor, if you are building a house, you also need to visualize everything. You need to build that house taking into consideration your clients hobbies, tastes and personality. That way, they will have your house on top of the rest of the options.

Your clients will not spend a lot of money making renovations because they will like the way the house was built and decorated.

  • A work space:

Our CEO also shared her office at her apartment, where she also has a recording set for her youtube videos. 

“We chose gray for a wall in the office room because it also works as a board. When I record a video it works too as a background”. 

For those real estate agents who are doing the concept of staging, who want to sell the house, a good “staging” helps a lot, because it helps the consumer, in this case the person who wants to rent, the person who wants to buy your home, to have that visualization of how your life is going to be inside that home.

“Furniture like that, little details like that, makes your house the chosen one above the others. The same happens with the staging of the rooms, a good functional bed (…) This light did wonders, because not only did it help to make the video look more alive, for those who want to make videos for commercials or for YouTube ”, Lucelia explained during the tour of her home.

Real estate Agent in NYC
As a real estate agent, you have to make sure that the family members can imagine themself in the spaces of the house.

“As the YouTube channel began to expand we had to invest in more lights, because that made a big difference in the quality of the videos. We ended up investing in this whole set of lights. As I told you, I don’t know if all of you have the goal of launching a YouTube channel to teach something, but even investors, or if you are an agent, having a video actually helps to sell a property a lot”.

For those who are looking for a place to have more space, there are seats that have their space below and can place things, this helps people to visualize their home and gives you extra points as a real estate agent.

A great detail: The decoration

“For those who do not know much about decoration, I am not an expert, but I know that everything that has some kind of “accent”, as they say here, helps a lot in the sale. For example, this all white furniture, put a “blanket” on it, a little blanket of these that gives it a little color and people, “Wow, how different it looks. It looks fresh, clean, but elegant at the same time, ”Chou assured.

That is what you have to keep in mind the whole time you are doing that tour, when you are about to do a renovation in a house that you are going to sell. As an investor, you have to be on the cutting edge of what’s hot, because that’s going to be the big difference between one person buying your house and buying the house next door.

  • In Real Estate it’s all about space

“How big is this house that I am buying”, “what is the biggest thing that I can buy with the money that I am investing”, are questions frequently asked by people who are looking to acquire a property and as an agent real estate, you must offer them the best.

That is going to make a big difference in helping the client begin to visualize their life in that property. People like to entertain themselves, have guests, for those who are staging the house to sell your property, make sure there is a site like that to help people start to visualize their social life inside the house.

The more friendly and thoughtful you are with potential buyers, the more likely they are to buy.

They can also place, for example, a liquor bar, that does not mean that they have to give a bar to everyone who is buying a house, but definitely rent one to do the staging, or help people to start visualizing themselves.

Imagine having six to eight people drinking wine, talking, having a cup of coffee or tea, that particular family catches your eye. All this helps the person to begin to visualize and it becomes a “selling point”, which attracts attention, that people begin to visualize.

Place a makeup box in a room, on the desk where the woman or the owner of the house would be applying makeup. They help her visualize herself, she imagines herself getting ready for work in the morning.

Basic tools to perform the job of a real estate agent

To invest in real estate you don’t need much, but there are certain essential tools:

  • One of them is a computer. It can be a laptop or it can be a desktop for your desk. You don’t need to have a super fancy computer or anything like that. 

Even a second hand computer will help you, because you will need to get on the Internet, you will need to do a lot of study of the area, search the Internet for contact information, the people you can talk to to continue doing your real estate business.

The real estate agent’s office desk should be practical, have many drawers, and be comfortable for all necessary work and paperwork.

When you spend a lot of time sitting you start to have back problems, it starts to bother you, it starts to hurt. Gel chair pads can make a big difference against those shoulder and back aches, because they help you stay at the correct height at the desk. It is super economical and works on any chair.

  • Enough pens and pencils

They are going to need clips, because they are going to have to keep the documents in order so that they can sign them, they can send them.

When they start sending the mortgage papers they are going to need rubber bands, because there are a lot of pages and they don’t want those papers to be flying all over the place.

Real estate Agent in USA
The more friendly and thoughtful you are with potential buyers, the more likely they are to buy.

An agenda, some prefer electronic ones, others prefer to write down everything, otherwise they could forget things and that is not good for business.

Shredder of papers. In English it is called shredder.

When they are in the real estate investment business they are going to have to give out some of their personal information; Social, the name of the company, the LLC, the tax number of the LLC.

After they give all that to the bank, they scan it, there are documents that they shouldn’t be keeping. They have to destroy those documents, because otherwise there is what they call theft of information, they are copied from your Social and they start doing illegal things, they start taking out credit cards with them and you don’t want this to happen.

Web Signature – Important for a Real Estate Agent

When you are in real estate there is something called a “web signature”. There is an electronic audit that says when this person signed the document, that works almost always when you go and extend the offer of the house you want to buy, the investment you want to make, but when you are already at the end point, which is when you are about closing the mortgage papers, you are signing for the bank to give you the money, the banks are going to demand that you have what they say a “web signature”, which is when you physically sign the paper.

“Unless you take a trip to the bank, if you are in that state, many of us will not be able to get to the bank, because for example, like I have investments in another state, everything is done electronically. They send everything and I have to send it back, ”Lucelia explained.

You keep an electronic copy that you scan and have it with you, you send it to the bank and then you send the original copy to them, but if you have another extra copy, you are going to keep it. There are documents that you will need to keep with you and this is what your desk drawer will allow you, to have everything in order at the comfort of your home.

This is a very different topic but it will help you visualize how to sell your property for those who are real estate agents, or how to build a property, how to renovate a property, if you decide to do what they call “house flipping”.

The size of the property is always important but you don’t really need a large size as long as you know how to put things in order so that people start to visualize their life, their future, in that particular property, you will be a successful investor not only in New York but anywhere in the world.


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